Tuesday, April 20, 2010

“Welcome” or “Go Home”

At Amazing Grace, we often have kids from the neighborhood wander on to church property, often to use our playground. I struggle with issues of liability and supervision, but I think it is a great opportunity for young people to feel welcome. I pass on this wonderful story about congregational hospitality from a member of Amazing Grace:

Sitting on the Amazing Grace patio is always a spiritual adventure. The other day, as I was talking with someone ordering Angel Food, I noticed a small head peeking around the side of the building. It would peek and duck, peek and duck. I walked over to see to whom it belonged and was asked, “Are you a go home person or a welcome person?” When I answered that I am a welcome person, he said, “Good” and went running across the lawn. I hope I will always be a welcome person.

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  1. Ahhh, Pastor Paul, that little story has made my day and lifted up my heart. Thank you so much, and please give a big hug to the "welcome person" who told you this. We, too, have people - often youth - who wander onto our property at Shepherd King Lutheran. I understand about the liability issues, but I want to encourage ALL our folks to be welcome people. How else will the community around us come to think of us as a place with open arms, open doors, open hearts? Thanks again for this wonderful story.
    Pastor Kris Franke Hill