Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On April 18, our congregation had a forum to help us think about who we are as a parish. Participants were assigned to small groups and asked to discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) at Amazing Grace. These were then shared with the large group and compiled into this listing. It is shared here to continue conversation.

Large property/5 acres
Talents & spiritual gifts
Young new pastor
Youth program
Message of grace
History/long term memory
Programs in general
Great council
Worship opportunities
Well order worship/Bible based

Communication/internal & external
Lack of volunteers
Status quo
Aging congregation
Long term memory
Lack of maintenance
Nothing for children during service/no cradle roll
Space/small facilities
Curb appeal/visibility
Lack of shared vision
Not many young people
Difficult to retain young families
Lack of fellowship after service
Lost members

Neighborhood garden
Space for organizations to meet
Young neighborhood
More signage
Opportunity to be witness to neighborhood
Visiting and supporting fellow parishioners
Resurrecting amphitheater
Spanish speaking service
Areal of large growth
Expanded youth program
50’s+ program
Learning how to invite others/reach out
Neighborhood youth program
Using holidays as way to include community

Lack of tithes/money
No shared vision, strategic plan of common goal
Other growing churches have more to offer
Members unwilling to change
Slowing economy
Not making church a priority
No financial cushion
Not looking at own strengths/assessing strengths
Unwilling to change/my way or the highway
Lack of unity
Homosexuality controversy/ELCA decisions
Instant gratification/desire to be entertained
No active participation by some in congregation
Tagging in neighborhood

Suggestions for what to do with this information
Action plan/strategic plan
Set goals with timelines
Put on blog, newsletter, bulletin insert
Prioritize issues we want to deal with
Timeframe when to look at these again
Have congregation prioritize one area a month
Talk to small groups/cottage meetings

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