Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's VBS time!

Tonight was our first night of Family Vacation Bible School, with around fifty people attending. It’s meant to be intergenerational—with kids and adults. After some technical difficulties with the sound on our video, we heard some stories about people working for racial justice in the 1960s. Our theme is On the Move: God’s Grace from Place to Place. Every week, we’re in a different place across America, learning stories about civil rights as well as stories from the Bible.

Tonight our theme was justice. We learned about Deborah working for justice against the Canaanites. The people of Israel came to her for justice. We also learned about Gloria Richardson, who worked for civil rights in Cambridge, Maryland. For our meal together, we had Maryland crab cakes. Here are pictures of our intergenerational art project—the freedom bus—and the tree that our kindergarten class sat around when they learned about Deborah sitting under the palm tree giving judgment (Judges 4:5). We’re off to a great start. Thanks to all the people who are making this a great opportunity!

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