Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sailing the Steward Ship

In thinking about budgets and stewardship, I have been very vocal about my discomfort with lots of fundraisers and raffles. Here is an ELCA document with similar notions:


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  1. Thanks for posting the link with further information on this topic. I am cutting and pasting a paragraph directly from the information provided because I think it warrants more discussion.

    "The stewardship practices of many congregations are deeply rooted in the heritage of their members. Harvest festivals continue to play a major role in agricultural communities. Bazaars, rummage sales, food sales, and arts and crafts festivals are other ways in which congregations celebrate their heritage. These events can provide opportunities for sharing time, talents and energy, as well as generating financial support for congregational ministries. The dignity of such efforts can be affirmed, especially when they are planned and conducted in a manner consistent with other stewardship efforts in the church."

    I think it is very important to remember heritage and tradition play an important role in congregational life. Many events that have a fund-raising aspect to them often provide other, less tangible benefits to a congregation - fun, fellowship, celebration of a congregations history and heritage, and evangelism opportunities. As stated in the paragraph pasted above, the dignity of such efforts can be affirmed.